Coronavirus Special Q&A’

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Spring 2020


This is an adaptation of a quarterly newsletter I write for the village in Poland where I am resident.

Who would have believed that since the last time I sat down to write this seasonal bulletin, the world that we are accustomed to would have been subjected to a process of rapid and radical change? So given the degree to which what is called 'Corona Virus Covid-19′ has taken-over our lives, I decided to devote this bulletin to exploring this subject.

The answers given below are based upon my research of medical and scientific best practice and personal acquaintance with some senior responsible scientists and doctors. They are not necessarily the views you will hear expressed via government and main-stream media.

Q. What is Corona Virus?

A. The American Encyclopedia of Practical Medicine gives this as the definition of Corona Virus:

the Common Flu. Covid-19 is simply a medical name given to a particular strain of that flu (influenza). The number of deaths being attributed to Corona Virus Covid-19 are what you would typically see for the common flu during its typical annual Winter season. Many official graphs show this clearly.

Q. Why have approximately three billion people been ordered to go into an extended quarantine and the many other unprecedented restrictions that go with it, if this is just a flu bug?

A. Government leaders, medical officers and many scientists don’t appear willing or able to give an honest answer this question. The desire to exercise exploitation and control is widespread these days and a sickness in its own right.

Q. Everyday we read about this dangerous global pandemic – supposedly causing panic and fear ? so why haven’t other flu epidemics in previous years aroused the same response?

A. It is very difficult to get any 'authority’ to focus on this question, let alone answer it. The best they can do is say something like ?there is not enough clear evidence on the harm caused by Covid-19 therefore quarantine will be necessary until we have such evidence.? In legal terms this is like saying ?you’re guilty until proved innocent.?

Q. What about the testing procedures of those suspected of carrying Covid-19 symptoms?

A. Chaotic: present PCR tests have proven completely unreliable. There have been a high percentage of false positives and false negatives. Doctors say that at least 80% of humans carry small amounts of Corona Virus in their cells all the time ? and that it is essentially harmless. The only time when it isn’t is when there is a much heavier than usual load (higher concentration) in the blood stream.

Q. But they still claim to want to test everybody in every country that has Corona Virus incidents?

A. Yes, this is very big business. The pharmaceutical industry is the biggest corporate conglomerate in the world.

Q. What about the promise of a vaccination?

A. At the time of writing no specific causal agent has yet been isolated. That means virologists don’t have a pure specimen of the active base of the virus from which a vaccination would be made. To try and impose an obligatory vaccination on all citizens would go against the constitution of the great majority of European Countries and no doubt beyond.

Q. It is very confusing, the numbers of those cited as dying from Covid-19 are small by comparison to other common causes of death. In all cases, lower than the numbers reported for national and worldwide deaths from influenza. Then it appears that a high percentage of those who do develop Covid-19 sickness, are cured or get well by themselves, in the same way as those who get a flu bug.

How can governments subject their constituents to such extreme measures given this reality?

A. This is the question we should all be asking, quite obviously. Using the UK as an example, an interesting event took place on March 19 2020 when the government officially announced ?As of March 19 2020, COVID-19 is no longer considered to be a high consequence infectuous disease in the UK? and put this up on the government website. However, instead of easing the self isolation/quarantine restrictions, the government introduced harsher 'lock-down’ rules including the closure of schools, restaurants and theatres.

Q. The completely contradictory nature of this is plain for all to see. But it seems we are not supposed to be questioning the moves being made by governments ? are there any examples of different policies being applied in other countries?

A. Yes there are. There are seven countries not enforcing strict 'lock-down’/ 'stay at home’ policies: Sweden, Mexico, Belarus, South Korea, Japan, Iceland and Tiawan. In all cases, the number of people being registered as getting sick and dying from Covid-19 is less (often substantially) than countries being subjected to the harsher regimes.

Q. What about the masks? Are they a proven way of protecting people from the spread of viral diseases?

A. They are not. In fact the most experienced doctors state that non medical masks (such as those that have been issued to the general public) are completely ineffective and even dangerous, because they cause one to breathe-in one’s own germs (recycle), therefore are more likely to cause sickness than to prevent it.

Q. So where does the Chief Medical Officer get such advice from?

A. 'The advice chain’ is said to start from the already deeply corrupted World Health Organisation which issues a general overview and remedial recommendations. The next step in most European countries involves the intervention of some higher state medical institute, often in collusion with a similar private body having a financial interest in the outcome. Government then adopts whatever it feels inclined to put forward as its official position..

Q. So this could be open to political bias rather than sound judgement?

A. Yes it could.

Q. Could there be some other reason altogether for the imposition of this unprecedented imprisonment of a large segment of humanity? Could there be some possible ulterior motive we don’t know anything about?

A. Clearly one needs to be open to this consideration. There have been some clear indications that this 'epidemic’ was pre-planned. In February 2017, Dr Anthony Fauci of Georgetown University USA, warned that President Trump would face ?a surprise outbreak of an infectuous disease? during his presidency. In the Autumn of 2019 the Bill Gates, who has made a fortune from the development of a highly questionable vaccination programmes, funded a 'trail-run’ of emergency procedures based on what actions would need to be put in place should a dangerous virus escape from a laboratory. There is more evidence of 'prior knowledge’ which is not being reported in the main media. The release of Covid-19 is not likely to be an accident.

Q. There are reports of people diagnosed as Covid-19 infected, as suffering unusual symptoms not easily recognisable to doctors or virologists ? is there something more we should know about this too?

A. Doctors have described an unusual type of sickness in the lungs. More specifically stated as 'very restricted breathing’. This diagnosis has more recently been updated as recognition of a severe loss of oxygen from blood molecules. Many patients have also complained of dizziness, headaches and loss of mental clarity.

Q. Has any cause and affect correlation been made concerning a common source of these reactions?

A. A number of scientists and doctors have reported similar symptoms being described by people suffering from exposure to recent developments in telecommunications technologies, namely 4th and 5th generation electromagnetic microwave radiation masts and street level transmitters.

Q. Why are governments so reluctant to allow a public debate concerning the efficacy of WiFi and 5G microwave technologies?

A. This might be for a similar reason as the one mentioned earlier concerning the pharmaceutical industry’s acquisition of huge wealth ? and therefore power- on the back of global vaccination roll-outs. Many people are aware these days, that corporations and billionaires often find ways to achieve their goals that have little or nothing to do with following democratic procedures. The telecom industry to day has reached parallel levels of earnings to those of pharmaceuticals, if not greater.

Q. This is not encouraging news for those placing their trust in government to be acting in their interest. What should people do?

A. The only thing I can advise people to do in these circumstances, is to awaken their powers of independent thinking. Once aroused, sensible explorations of thoughtful independent and non political information via the internet, can serve to open-up the field of knowledge and exploration being conducted internationally. Information which, for reasons touched on above, does not get reproduced by a media under political and corporate control.

Communities should be responsible for their own health and welfare and not allow outside forces to exploit them and tell them what to do.